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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 9, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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on kentlands boulevard in gaithersburg. he's 5'8", 130 pounds, last seen wearing a v-neck, blue jeans with sneak werz green soles. his family members are concerned about his mental well-being. if you have any information, contact montgomery county police. this morning a neighborhood is trying to find answers after a tragic discovery. a missing 7-year-old boy is found dead steps away from his home. d.c. police found the body of michael kingsbury inside a locked car parked in an alley right behind his family's home on west virginia avenue in northeast. it is not known how the body made it into the car or how police did not find him sooner. it's in an area believed to have been searched twice. michael's mother spoke to us just hours after the discovery. >> thank everybody in the community for coming out to assist to help to find my child. thank everybody. everybody, thank you, please,
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thank you. i just -- >> michael suffered from autism and had been missing for almost 36 hours. the community is now pulling together to help his family with funeral costs. this morning there is a very blunt warning for people who may want to go swimming near great falls. the firefighters union in fairfax county posted this message on their twitter and facebook pages. you swim here, you die here. any questions? two people drowned in the potomac river this month. swimming is not allowed in the gorge section between the key bridge and great falls because of the dangerous currents there. but that doesn't stop everyone. it is now 4:32. our resident escape artist, rusty the red panda, is finally going home. he'll be released to the red panda exhibit area at around 9:00 this morning. it will be the first time he is back in the exhibit since his escape from the national zoo last month. he was found in adams morgan. rusty was given a rabies booster and kept in isolation.
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zookeepers say they think he was able to get out of the exhibit by climbing on a low tree canopy in his habitat. that's what they do, they climb and get out. >> they've trimmed those trees back thinking if he didn't have so much help. >> we're just glad he's home and he's safe. let's get another update on our forecast quickly. amelia is in for tom. >> aaro right now i'm tracking rain on radar. this rain back well to our west. those of you in front royal, winchester, hagerstown, maryland, could be seeing scattered showers this morning. we're looking at mainly dry conditions around the d.c. metro area traveling inside the beltway, i do think you are looking at a dry morning. here's the precipitation. i'm going to be tracking this rain throughout the day. as it continues to advance towards washington, i do think it's going to diminish. right now it's looking like a steady rain. as it continues eastward, it will begin to break up. here's what you can expect right now. we're at 77 degrees. partly to mostly cloudy skies. for the morning, a chance of a
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shower west of d.c. especially getting into loudon and frederick counties. by the afternoon, we're looking at a temperature around 90 with scattered showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm or two. i'll have a look at your forecast with future weather in ten minutes. here's dawnella with traffic. >> thanks, amelia. pretty quiet as far as volume. not really seeing any accidents. work zones in place. maryland, again, traveling connecticut avenue just before you reach the beltway heading northbound, you're going to see crews out paving in the area, and it is blocking one of your lanes. traveling new hampshire area, this time in both directions on new hampshire avenue. you're going to see work zone taking away two of your left lanes. that's in both directions. i'm still keeping my eye on the 14th street bridge. very light volume, but don't forget, there's a work zone setup, and it is blocking the right side of the roadway. over to you. >> thank you. and melissa is at the live desk with breaking news. >> the three women held captive in ohio released video
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statements, this is brand new from overnight. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight escaped from this home in ohio just over two months ago. take a listen. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high. and my feet firmly on the ground. >> i'm going to get stronger each day, and having my privacy has helped immensely. i ask that everyone continues to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life. >> gina, if you could say something to each and every person out there who contribute money to your fund to help you, what would you say to them? >> i would say thank you for the support. >> last month ariel castro, the man accused of holding them, was deemed mentally fit to stand trial and denied visitation with
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the 6-year-old girl that he fathered with amanda berry. he has pleaded not guilty to 329 counts, you might remember, of kidnapping and rape charges. his trial is scheduled for august. we do have much more of this, the entire video of all three women speaking at length, i should say, on our facebook page. you can logon to our news 4 today facebook page. >> melissa, thank you. 4:35. we are learning just how slowly asiana flight 214 was traveling short of the runway in san francisco. the ntsb says everything seemed normal about a minute and a half before the crash when autopilot was switched off. it continued on a normal descent until the final 16 seconds. that's when the plane began to quickly drop below the target speed of 137 knots it needed to safely land. by eight seconds out, the pilots called for more power. but by the time the engines kicked in five seconds later, the plane had slowed to just 103
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knots, or about 40 miles per hour slower than it should have been going. investigators say they want to know if the pilots were too reliant on automated system to notice the air speed problem. and the president of the asiana airlines will arrive in san francisco later this morning to meet with crew members and likely face some questions from the ntsb. before he left south korea, he personally apologized to the families of two chinese teenagers killed in that crash. he met them at an airport near seoul and bowed to them. one of the fathers was visibly upset with him. the two girls were part of a group that planned to attend supper camps in universities in california. we are seeing a new view moments before the boeing. 77 slammed into the ground. this shows the emergency slides emerging from the plane. 305 of the 307 on board were able to escape on those slides, and many passengers say that is thanks to the flight attendants. those on board and rescue crews have called the asiana
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attendants heroes for getting everyone off as quickly as possible, cutting passengers from their seats and carrying children off their backs. investigators say their quick actions likely saved many lives. 4:37 now. in the day ahead, you may notice something unusual on capitol hill. a group of mothers and their children will hold a rally there, urging action on gun control, and they will do it dressed as cows. this is set to happen at the senate hart office building. the group will even deliver to you cows and cow keychains to senators' offices. this comes about three months after the bipartisan manchin/toomey bill on stricter gun laws failed in the senate. it is now 4:38. let's check in once again with melissa at the live desk with some breaking news. >> want to show you amazing video into the newsroom just a short time ago. torrential rains in toronto leaving passengers stranded. you can see rescue crews pulling a boy out of a boat. police and firefighters using boats to rescue commuters from a ten-car double-decker train.
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apparently it started flooding. most of the passengers went up to the second deck. water reaching up to the lower windows as you can see there. this was month's worth of rain in just four hours, also leaving 300,000 people without power. amazingly nobody seriously injured. at the live desk, news 4. a new twist for the captain of a cruise ship that ran aground in italy. why he'll have to keep waiting before he learns his fate. we'll go to the live desk coming up once again. also ahead, his video protest raised eyebrows. now the man who pulled a gun on freedom plaza is talking to us about why he did it. a beautiful start to your day and things are going to warm up in a hurry, though. what you can expect with your what you can expect with your weather and trthe thing is bee,
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i'm melissa malay at the live desk. this video brand new. a large explosion at a hezbollah stronghold in lebanon sending black smoke as you can see there into the sky. this is happening right now. an unknown number of casualties. possibly, though, a car bomb that we understand went off near a gas station. some syrian rebel groups had been threatening to hit in lebanon after hezbollah joined syrian president bashar al assad's troops in their battle against the opposition fighters. again, the civil war, of course, has been going on for several years now. at the live desk, melissa malay, news 4. >> melissa, thank you. let's get a check on the forecast. amelia siegle is in for tom this
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morning. still humid out there, amelia. good morning to you. >> good morning. for the morning hours, dry in the d.c. metro, but as far east as frederick county, loudon and faulkier counties in virginia, i think there will be scattered showers as this rain continues to advance eastward, but it will diminish as it does so. you see here on future weather working throughout the first half of your day, plenty of clouds throughout the morning. most of us a mainly dry morning. what about your afternoon? more on that coming up in ten minutes. for now here's dawnella with a look at traffic. >> good morning. outer loop at little livriver turnpike, an accident but not slowing things down. this time southbound, a work site still set up. cones set up blocking the left lane. aaron and eun? trying to put the pieces together. what we're learning about the fiery train crash in canada as the search for victims
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so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex. i'm melissa malay at the live desk. [ inaudible ] 14 before the hour now. this morn investigators are searching for the cause of a fiery train derailment that damaged a small town's center in canada. at least 13 people confirmed dead now. 50 still missing in quebec near the main border. investigators fear they may find more bodies as the search through the epicenter of that explosion site and fire continues. all but one of the train's 73 tankers were carrying crude oil
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when somehow the bricks failed, and that caused the train to derail on saturday. the white house says there are no plans to stop sending $1.5 billion to egypt. even though some members of congress want to withhold some or all of the annual aid package. michigan senator carl levin and arizona senator john mccain both are calling for an aide cutoff until a civilian government is restored. this comes after more than 50 people died during a confrontation outside president morsi -- where morsi is being held. the state department calls egypt's political polarization dangerous, but the u.s. has yet to call the uprising against morsi a coup. the obama administration says the aid is in the best interests of u.s. security. today some of the testimony in the george zimmerman trial could center around the toxicology report on trayvon martin. yesterday the judge allowed that report to be entered as evidence. it says a small amount of marijuana was in martin's system at the time of his death. prosecutors said the information is prejudicial, but zimmerman's
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attorneys say it is relevant. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, claiming self-defense. and george zimmerman has sued nbc universal, the parent company of this station, for defamati defamation. the company has strongly denied the allegations. by the end of the day, police could reveal more evidence against former new england patriots player aaron hernandez. a judge ruled yesterday that the public should know exactly what investigators seized from hernandez's home. he and two others have been charged in the death of semipro football player oden lloyd. meantime, patriots' owner robert kraft says that if the charges against hernandez are true, his organization has been, quote, duped. the team dropped hernandez the same day he was arrested. this morning the wife of john kerry is listed in fair condition at a hospital in boston. doctors say teresa heinz kerry suffered a grand mal seizure.
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she's 74 and also a breast cancer survivor. we're told secretary of state john kerry remains by her side. right now country singer randy travis in critical condition in a texas hospital. his publicist says the 544-year-old grammy winner is suffering from a viral infection of his heart. ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound police will join members of the brightwood community for a neighborhood walk. the walk will begin at 7:00 tonight on the corner of georgia avenue and ritten. now to a news closure exclusive. the man who posted a youtube video of himself loading a shotgun says the video and the gun are indeed real. we first showed you this video last week. adam says he took this video himself the morning of july 4th. it's illegally to openly carry a loaded gun anywhere in the district, but he says the video
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wasn't just protesting that. >> i was here, and i loaded a shotgun on independence day, but i didn't kill anybody. i didn't drone any children. i didn't steal any children's future. you know, i didn't sell this country into debt. i didn't do any of the crimes that the man who lives two blocks over there in the white house is responsible for. >> we will not allow our government to -- >> kokesh has been traveling the country raising support for what he calls the final american revolution. we expect to learn by the end of this week weather felony embezzlement charges against the former chef for the governor will be thrown out. chef todd schneider and his attorney said yesterday that they are under a gag order and cannot talk about the case. they've argued that the office of attorney general went after schneider to cover up other alleged wrongdoing by the mcdonald administration. let's go back to the live
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desk. melissa? >> good morning. want to tell you more about this costa concordia trial. of course, it was scheduled to start this morning, but it's been postponed because of a lawyer strike. the hearing scheduled for july 17, 18 and 19. the cruise ship was half submerged off a tuscan island. this is 18 months after the ship ran aground. remains of the 2 of the 32 people killed have yet to be found. the ship's captain accused of steering it too close to the coastline for a publicity stunt. he's been ordered to stand trial and could face up to 20 years in prison. at the live desk, melissa malay, news 4. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> amelia is in for tom this week. we're looking at slightly cooler. >> you're exactly right. it is a little cooler. it doesn't look like the humidity will be as bad as yesterday, but we are really going to be feeling the humidity tomorrow. >> uh-oh. >> tomorrow and then getting on into our thursday.
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here's a look at storm team 4 radar where you can see there is light rain falling over the mountains. this continues to advance towards the east. as it does so, it is going to break up. but those of you in frederick, loudon, faulkier, prince william county, i do think we'll see scattered out west. off to the east, d.c. metro, fairfax, arlington, prince george's, i do think you are looking at a mainly dry morning. limited sunshine this morning for everybody. as i widen out the image, you see more precip back to the west. this works its way throughout the area throughout the day today. similar to yesterday, it's going to be that hit-or-miss-type rain. we're at 77 now. mostly to partly cloudy skies. there's that chance of a shower west of d.c. especially around the i-81 corridor. 77 degrees at that point. partly sunny. limited sunshine. especially around the midday hours today. mainly dry across the area. 85 degrees. a high temperature today of 90. we hit that at 2:00 p.m.
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4:00 p.m., down to 87 at that point. scattered showers for everybody. and some isolated thunderstorms. about a 30% to who% chance that you're dealing with some rain today. on future weather, what i want to show you is how much cloud cover it keeps around throughout the day today. we're looking at mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies. the best chance for everybody to see some rain is going to be this afternoon, especially inside the beltway. on into those early evening hours. we're mainly dry overnight tonight and for tomorrow, very similar to today. we're looking at a high temperature of 91 with some scattered showers and a few isolated thunderstorms likely mainly during the afternoon hours. now, the difference for tomorrow, some downpours are possible tomorrow afternoon. a high temperature for your wednesday of 91. and again, it is humid. very humid on thursday as well. a cold front moves through, bringing a better chance for more widespread rain. a high of 87. that cold front lowers the humidity and sets up for really
4:53 am
nice weather, dawnella, friday into saturday with temperatures into the mid to upper 80s. how are the roads looking? >> not bad at all, amelia. in the first 4 traffic office, as far as volume or accidents, very light. not really seeing any accidents at all in our area, but i am seeing brief delays as you make your way around a couple work zones still in place. and i mean minor delays. new hampshire avenue, you're going to see your left lane, two left lanes, in fact, blocked in both directions on new hampshire avenue. let's shoot over to i-95 in maryland at 198. had a work zone there but it is gone. nothing but green and in fact between the baltimore and capitol beltway, open. 295 same story, very light volume. no accidents to report at this time. eun, over to you. the redskins are facing a lawsuit this morning from an nfl player who says his career was ended by a bounty program run by the team. former giants linebacker barrett green claims a career-ending
4:54 am
knee injury was caused by a cheap shot during a game against the redskins in 2005. he said the hit was the result of a bounty program that encouraged redskins to injure opposing players. the lawsuit also names former redskins robert royal who hit green and former assistant coach gregg williams. the nfl cleared the redskins of any wrongdoing in the bounty scandal back in august. the ex-wife of a former orioles pitcher is in jail for holding him at gunpoint. kris benson's ex-wife anna was arrested yesterday after allegedly breaking into his georgia apartment. this is chris pitching for a minor league team. anna benson was wearing a bulletproof vest and demanded money from the former pitcher. he told her he would pay her but left to call police instead. benson pitched for the orioles in one year in 2006. a roman catholic nun will spend 90 days in jail for allegedly stealing $130,000 to
4:55 am
support her gambling habit. she was also sentenced to 100 hours community service and has to repay $128,000. is your child getting enough sleep? how the amount of sleep your kids could be impacting how smart they are coming up. first, new life in the debate over student loans. we'll look at the next move that could lower interest rates. and curiosity kicks into high gear. what's next in the mission on mars? after a long delay. 4:56 i
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this morning, the mars rover curiosity is on a journey that will keep it very busy for months. nasa's rover is spending the next nine months traveling through rugged terrain as it heads to a martian mountain known as mt. sharp. it is moving fairly slowly. the journey began last week and so far has only gone about 200 feet. it's rough terrain out there on mars, i imagine. for the last seven months curiosity has been pretty much in one place. its biggest discovery during that time, finding ancient steam bed that shows life could have once existed on the red planet. >> because if they break that puppy, take it slow out there. the senate is taking another crack at student loan interest rates. senate majority leader harry reid scheduled a procedural vote for tomorrow. the bill would restore the interest rate on federal student loans to 3.4% for one year. interest rates doubled to 6.8% last week. congress can retroactively
4:59 am
reduce interest rates. most students do not take out loans until the beginning of the fall semester. stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> news 4 today starts now. right now at 5:00 a.m., breaking their silence. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> the new message this morning from three ohio women held hostage for years. the head of asiana airlines is ready to face tough questions as he heads to america this morning. but first, he had to face the families of two girls killed in that crash. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. tuesday, july 9th, 2013. right now we're getting new information about breaking news in northwest washington. take a look at this video from about 40 minutes ago. a man rescued from a
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